Thursday, October 10, 2013

This is why it is IMPORTANT to use Approved Equipment and Instructions

Poorly assembled cot led to NZ baby death

A poorly assembled wooden cot, with missing bolts and incorrectly fitted dowels, led to the death of a baby, a New Zealand coroner has found.

One-year-old Liiana Mamapomisa from Ashburton died in March 2012 after her life support was switched off in Christchurch Hospital.

Two days earlier, she had been found by her aunt trapped between the mattress of her cot and the wooden bars, dangling by her chin with her feet not touching the ground.

In his findings, made public on Friday, coroner Richard McElrea said Liiana suffered a brain injury caused by a lack of blood flow.

Mr McElrea said Liiana's unsafe sleeping environment, caused by the loose manner in which the cot had been assembled, directly resulted in her death.
Source: 9 News

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