Monday, November 18, 2013

Car Seat Child Booster Seat evaluations for 2013 for USA

Car Seat Child Booster Seat evaluations for 2013                          by IIHS - Insurance Institute For Highway Safety  

IIHS ratings take the guesswork out of selecting boosters most likely to provide good lap and shoulder belt fit in a range of vehicles. Unlike child restraints with built-in harnesses, booster seats rely on vehicle safety belts to restrain children. Boosters are supposed to make adult belts fit children better. Booster seats are for kids who have outgrown their forward-facing restraints.

The Institute puts the booster seats it tests into four categories:
  • BEST BETs are seats that provide good belt fit for typical 4 to 8 year-olds in almost any car, minivan or SUV.
  • GOOD BETs provide acceptable belt fit in most cars, minivans or SUVs.
  • Not recommended don’t provide good belt fit and should be avoided.
  • Check fit applies to booster seats the Institute has tested that have varied results depending on child size and vehicle model. This designation appears on some models in the "Search by brand" section.     
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